Webmaster Service

As the webmaster of your website we will:

  • Maintain an inventory of advertisements and manage the ad server software.

(As many online businesses are running advertisements, webmasters often times maintain these ads and set parameters for them within the site’s architecture.)

  • Debug issues that arise with the performance of the website.

(This task is incredibly important when e-commerce and member retention is involved with a site. If bugs aren’t addressed as quickly as possible, revenue and conversions will be lost.)


  • Improve your website.

Beyond the focus of day-to-day activities, the improvement of the website as a whole is a necessary consideration for webmasters. As the Internet evolves, the webmaster’s job is to stay current with software and hardware that can improve the success of an online business.

  • Check all links in your website and maintain them.

Not working (dead) links cost you revenue, customers and give your business a bad name.

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