Published: Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

We get asked often how can I improve my service and increase revenue using my website.

Here are a few hints:
Make sure that you are listed in the top 3 pages of Google or Yahoo because surfers do not want to search 20 plus pages

If you receive feedback from your website, it should be answered in within one hour the most. Internet is on-line and all about speed.
Make clear what hours you work, so people can see what time it might take to get a response.

Your website should be clear and easy to navigate, surfers, customers don?t want to click 20 times to find what they are looking for?.

As a golden rule:
If you sell products/services, a visitor must see what he/she is looking for after a maximum of three clicks.

Search engine listings:
On March 19 this headline was seen in the NT NEWS:
I would have got less for killing someone
Search Google for it, you will see we are listed ( on top of page one with our post to it.

Easy navigation:
Have a look at

It needs one click to view the item you might want to order.

These results are archived by websites/blog we create. Using PHP instead of html, they get listed much faster, are more customer friendly and much easier to update.

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Happy Easter