About us

We’re a uniquely skilled two-man team with the necessary complementary skills to provide a complete service that our competitors simply can’t match.

John has over 30 years experience in: computer programming,  marketing,  website design,  graphic art,  layout and functional capacity.

Laurence has over 25 years experience in writing,  proofreading, editing,  marketing,  layout and design.

Some years ago we started using HTML, the most common programming language for websites in those days.
Seven years ago we changed to PHP because this is a more efficient method.

Now that each process involved in the creation or amendment of a website is shorter, we’re still able to give you a top quality complete service at a much more competitive price.

As we only publish our PHP portfolio, some of our other work is not displayed here.

We welcome all inquiries.

Thank you.

John and Laurence.
GermanJohn Design Studio Team.

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