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We mainly use PHP to create websites or blogs.

Once you give us an idea of what you need and the kind of look/design you want, we will create a fully functional site for you. Turnaround time is normally about four days. You have the choice of storing your new site for free on wordpress.com or we can register your personal domain and arrange web space for your new site.

This is a sample blog we are currently working on.  Wildrosefarm
It is stored free of charge at wordpress.com .

Blogs that use a personalised domain name are more flexible than free WordPress blogs.
We can obtain your domain name, including storage space for your blog, for U.S. $2.95 per month.

Creation of such a site starts at $100 which covers small to medium sized blogs.

If your site is large and/or needs E-commerce then  please obtain a quote here.